Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like visiting home. And with Mat being so busy in the month of September, my parents were kind enough to let Cam and I crash at their place for almost 3 weeks. It was a blast!  Here are a few of the things that we did: 

Grandpa tried to take Cam on a ride on the 4-Wheeler, but Cam wasn't so sure. I'm pretty sure he clung to him, until he felt like he could do no more, then asked to get off, pretty frightened by the whole experience. Being his mother, I thought, "Oh, he'll be fine if he does it with me." Ha ha... I was wrong. Check out this face: 
Needless to say, we didn't try this more than once. 

We watched a lot of Bubble Guppies while there. (What baby wouldn't with a TV 4 times their size...)
My Mom and Dad quickly realized that if they were to get on Cam's good side (not like the kid has a bad side) that all they needed to do was turn on Bubble Guppies, and get Cam a bottle of milk. Instant cuddle time...with grandma...
...and even in the booster.
My sisters both live near my parents, so we spent a lot of time with cousins, too. 
Cam felt like a celebrity while we were there. Even the boy cousins thought he was the cat's pajamas. 
We spent a lot of quality time teaching grandma how to use the computer...
and showing her all of the coolest youtube videos (like sesame street, of course!)
And in return, Grandma taught us how to cook. Apparently, no matter your gender, it is important that you wear a blue frilly apron while cooking... don't tell daddy...
We went to a lot of sporting events of my nieces and nephews, one of which we went to Moses Lake, WA to see. Cam got to know his cousins there, and even took a liking to Uncle Shawn.  Then again, he cheated and used Bubble Guppies...
We hid in the garbage closet...
Went swimming...
and visited the cabin...
...where we filled a bucket (and our diaper) with sand.
Near the end of the trip we even ran a 5k together! 
4 of the older cousins even got into the spirit, ran with us, and did awesome, placing in their age groups!
Cam had a blast the whole time, from playing in the backyard...
To just hangin' with the cousins...
Thanks again for letting us visit, Grandpa and Grandma! We love you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fun

Check out a few of the things we've done this Fall:
1) Made cookies for a friend
 2) Visited an apple orchard with friends. The wagons were the best part!
 3) Fed horses at a horse park...Cam wasn't too sure...
 4) Playin' in the backyard. :) Hoodie and all -- Burrrrr!
 5) Parks, Slides and Swings! 
 Cam found these "fruits" on the ground below a tree and was using them like balls. They looked like breadfruit that I used to eat on my mission for the LDS church. Except smaller. 
 Then we started throwing them in the garbage can. Best. Game. Ever. 
 I love daddy. 
 6) Painting with Mommy - this is a new one for us! 
 7) Halloween carnival with friends. 
 Cam and his friend Hailey holding friends
 Hailey, trying to share a 3 Musketeers with Cam. So funny. 
We've had an eventful Fall. Hopefully there will be more to come! 

"Home Dates"

Mat and I have been trying harder to date--but Mat's schedule has been twice as busy these last two months so it was getting difficult.  So we came up with an idea. HOME DATES. Mat usually has about 30  minutes to 2 hours to give me once a week, so we trade off planning something we can do at home that is completely out of the ordinary. It has been so much fun! Here are a few of the things we've done: 

1) we made crepes, and talked about Europe. Mat has promised to take me there someday so we fantasized about where we would go. Then we decided to see how well we knew Europe--can you name and label all of the countries in Europe? Try it!  Go to and do their European countries Map quiz. :) We had so much fun! (I wish I had a picture--I forgot to take a pic of our crepes...they were Yummy!)

2) We played miniature golf in our living room. Here's a pic of a couple of the holes we did: 
3) This last week was my favorite. We MADE waffle cones with our panini maker, ate ice cream in them, then sat and reminisced about our feelings (this was Mat's idea--I have the best husband ever) when specific things happened in our relationship.  We actually got to laughing pretty hard about the funny things we thought when something happened. It was fun. 

Home dates have been a blast. We don't have to get a babysitter, and we can do it around Mat's schedule, which is so nice for us. It's been a great way to stay connected through these busy months. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"And I hope you like Jammin' too..."

I've been wanting to make freezer jam all summer, and finally got around to it! Hooray!  Mat and I both love homemade jam and it's so much cheaper to just make a bunch in the summer, then use it through the winter.  (Did you know that Mat eats a PB&J every day for lunch? Yes, This time, however, I picked up a trick from Our Best Bites to put almond extract in the jam and I must say...


I highly suggest it. Now my only problem is finding the room in our freezer for all of it...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Eternal Art Project

 I'm done. Finally. For those of you that have attended a craft night here in Lexington over the last 9 months (yes... 9 months), I have finally finished Camden's wall art. Take a look.
I have been working on this forever it seems. I got the idea off Pintrest (shocker!) about 9 months ago, but couldn't afford to buy 26 art canvases. Then I found another idea on Pintrest (I have a love affair with Pintrest) to use shoe box lids instead of art canvases (much cheaper, same look), so I asked friends and aquaintances at church if they could spare shoe box lids.  I covered the lids with material, cut letters out of felt, and glued the letters on the material. Then Mat hung them on the wall.  Notice anything? Take another look.

Aren't we sneaky...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Operation: Zucchini Boat

When I was little, we grew zucchinis. And when I say we grew zucchinis, I mean they were HUGE and MANY. So what did we do with them? We made boats out of them. I mean, didn't you? Well, Mat and I thought Camden should have his first Zucchini Boat experience. I made the boat, and Camden and Mat made a little flag for it. 
Here's the boat:  
We went to the park to float it.  
 But Camden was more interested by the ducks and geese. He was unsure at the geese were about his size...
 But then he realized he was bigger than the ducks, and was determined to pet one.
 When we finally started floating the zucchini, Cam had a blast.

 (And the wind-up...)

 (Look at the glee on that face...priceless!)
 (And the shock on this one!)
 We took the opportunity to play on the playground.
 Cam and Dad had a race down the slide...guess who won?
 He sure loves his daddy...
and his zucchini boat!