Saturday, June 23, 2012

Did you know there's a REAL Jellystone Lodge?

Neither did I. Until about 3 weeks ago. I go to the YMCA to work out each morning and almost daily I run into a lady or two from church. About two weeks ago, my friend Ashlee mentioned they were going camping and invited us to come.  I asked, "Cool. Where are you going?" Jellystone. Say WHAT?!?! You mean, THE Jellystone? Now, for those of you who have no idea who Yogi Bear is, I pity you. I grew up watching Yogi Bear on TV, and every Christmas, we watched (at least once, if not several times) Yogi Bears First Christmas, which we had taped onto a ghetto VHS--that's right folks, with the old 80's commercials (if you've secretly started singing the theme songs to power wheels, my little pony, My Buddy, or other toy commercials of the time, I knew I liked you.) I LOVED watching that movie at Christmas (ok, I still do...). 

Anyway, Mat and I worked it out so we could go with them and made the two hour drive to Jellystone, near Mammoth Cave, KY. On the way there, we ran into a little trouble...
You can't see it very well, but when we stopped to get gas, we rolled one of the windows down.  A bird pooped INSIDE our car (talented bird, no?). Bad way to start the trip? maybe. Did it deter me from enjoying the birthplace of one of my favorite Hanna-Barbera characters? no way. 

On the way there, we entertained Camden with videos, and he fed me snacks for a while.  It was fun. 
When we got there, we set up camp, then went to play at the water park (did i mention it's like a cross between camping and a resort? It's like a backwoods resort...with no hotel...). Camden LOOOVVED the water. They had a little kid area that was only 18 inches deep.  We spent the whole time there.  He had a blast.  

I didn't take a picture of this, but midway swimming the first day, i saw something coming out of his swim diaper. For a split second I was curious, but within the next millisecond I had contained it, and lifted him out of the water.  That's right folks.  We were THAT family. Cam's diaper had started leaking poo.  I had no idea what to do...sooo, I did nothing.  I had contained it (mostly) and so I walked back to the campsite and changed him.  (Fortunately it was the end of the day and they were closing down soon.  The next day the water was crystal clear.  Whew!) 

It was Ashlee's son's birthday so we all participated in a pinata for him (Gray) and another friends son, Landon. Despite almost every child getting close to pelted by another child's swing of the bat, they had a blast.  
Camden with his spoils... aka, a grape laffy taffy. 
Camden wasn't digging the tent very much, so we tried to get him used to it.
We had a blast hanging out with friends that night, 
and only regretted for a moment staying up so late when Camden decided to get up at 5 in the morning and refused to go back to sleep. So we wandered around in the morning doing fun things.  
Cam found some ducks to chase....
He made some friends at the park...
Mat took a picture with Yogi...
And so did I (I stole a kiss from Yogi... What would Cindy say?!) 
We went swimming again that day, but the best part of the whole trip was the gigantic bounce pillow they had.  It was probably 100 feet by 40 feet and came out of the ground.  Camden thought it was a blast!  Here are a few captured moments on it. 
(This one above is my favorite! Look at that air!)
We had so much fun! (And we all crashed that night!) Hopefully next time we go camping, Camden will sleep a bit longer, but even if he doesn't, we're still up for it. Anyone want to go camping in August? 

P.S. Mat and I saw the signs below and I had to take a picture with them.  Safety starts here? Where did safety stop? and 5 1/2 miles an hour? really? It's a good thing they gave us that 1/2 a mile extra so I don't break the law...just a thought.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun with Someone Who's One

Camden and I have had a lot of fun this summer so far.  Here are a few favorite moments from the last month: 

Cam and I swim about 1-3 times a week. Mat has gone with us a few times. Camden LOOVES the water.  He doesn't quite understand yet that he can't breathe under water though.  He will keep walking deeper and deeper until he goes under.  It's a little bit baffling, and yet, kind of comical. 
Mat has been around more to play with Cam since this block is a little easier.  Camden loves his daddy.  He loves doing whatever he is doing--he'll follow him around like his little shadow. 
Here's Mat being so kind as to tend Cam while I make dinner...
 Camden loves WHOLE bananas. He really is "my little monkey"
 We played in a Stake Softball Tournament and Camden spent probably 30 minutes pushing his friend Tyler around in a stroller.  Have I mentioned he LOOOVVVEES to push things around? 
Mat and I did a double date with some friends.  Here's Mat showing off his mad bowling skills...
On that same date, we played Ultimate Bocci Ball--here's me doing a cartwheel before throwing and then Mat and our friends doing a basketball free throw. 

It has been really hot here, so Camden plays out in our back yard once a day at least. He loves playing with the hose. 
For anyone who doesn't know what and over-saturated diaper looks like. :) Just for fun. 
More fun in our backyard.
Camden trying to get his own breakfast.
Reading books together. 
Camden, finding mat's wallet, went straight for the credit card. I've trained him well. 
My favorite pool picture.
Camden helped me make cookies for some friends.  He's a good taste tester. 
Camden, "helping" daddy make dinner.
More fun at the park. 
And this is our most recent activity.  I found a pin on pintrest for edible paint (Cam inevitably puts everything in his mouth). So I made some paint and let Cam have at it.  Take a look: 
After cleaning all the paint off him, he wanted a snack and sat at the table like a big boy for the first time.  He's really into sitting at the table by himself now. 
We've had so much fun so far this summer, and we have 3 weeks of vacation with family coming soon! we're so excited! .