Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camden Mathew Taylor

Meet our new addition to the family! Introducing…

Camden Mathew Taylor

Born: May 17th, 2011 at 11:22 am

8 lbs. 8 oz., 21.5 inches long

Everything went very well. I went into labor at 2:00 am, was in hard labor by 4:45 am, went to the hospital and had an epidural by 6:30am. It was a pretty textbook delivery.

Check out our little guy:

Mat giving him his first bath

Right after birth

Taking a snooze ON Dad

Then taking a snooze WITH Dad

Meeting some cousins

And by far my favorite picture yet...

We feel so blessed to have this little guy in our new family. He is an amazing baby and is everything we've ever wanted and more.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Special Thank You

The purpose of this post is to say thank you. About a week ago, my brother-in-law, Matt, came down ill and was taken to the hospital. Not two days later, he was life-flighted to Spokane, Washington because his pneumonia had worsened. It has been a long week, but he has finally stabilized and is improving little by little.

In the process, however, not only have we, as a family, seen miracles in Matt's progress, but those around us have bound together to bless our lives. Thank you! Thank you to...

...the hundreds of family members and friends who have prayed unceasingly for Matt and for our family.

...the cousins, sisters, and other women and men who
helped in caring for Jaxon, Ty, Caleb, Zach and Jessa for the past week by taking them to and from activities, school and tending them, and continue to do so.

...the stake and ward members who fasted for Matt and his health. As sacrament meeting was closing this last Sunday, Matt was taken off the ventilator. I know that this was not a coincidence.

...the Young Women of the Rolling Hills Ward who have volunteered their time after school to play with the kids this week. You are amazing.

...the many people who have brought in meals and food to provide for the family.

...those who have called, texted, emailed, etc., showing their concern and asking how Matt is progressing.

...those who have visited Matt in the hospital, and have gone above and beyond to help the family.

...our Heavenly Father for answered prayers, and for the many miracles we have seen this week.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Star of the Month

No Joke. This is a real sign folks. Glad we could fulfill that parking space for them.

Moving and Saying Goodbye to Friends

Amidst work and school and preparing to have a baby, Mat and I decided to make life interesting and decided to move. We spent the last week packing up our apartment, putting our stuff in storage, and saying goodbye to friends. In the process, I was able to say goodbye to...

some mission friends...

the volleyball wives club...

some dear friends from the ward...

and many other people. It has been a little strange to pack up and not really know where we'll be in 6 months, but we are excited for the adventure. It'll be a good experience to be out on our own and try to make a name for ourselves. Goodbye to all those who we were unable to get together with and thank you for your friendship. We love you all!


As baby has been growing, I have conveniently tried not to take pictures, in hopes that I'd have one day late in pregnancy where I could say, "Wait! Take a picture--I actually look good today!" Ha! Yeah right. For me, that day never came. But, regardless, here are a few pictures of what Jr. and I look like: (No judging please...)

28 weeks:
32 weeks:

36 weeks: (I don't have any standing pics of me at this stage, but you can see my huge belly in this picture...)

38 weeks:
As you can see, I hardly gained weight until about 33 weeks, at which time the baby finally decided to start growing... into my face, arms and legs. But we're so happy about our little boy that will be coming in 2 weeks (or so).