Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camden's Blessing

This last Sunday we had the opportunity to bless Camden. He was so good and didn't cry at all during the blessing. And the blessing was beautiful. Mom and Dad Taylor and Grandma Starley came to visit and we took lots of pictures.
We are so grateful for this little guy in our lives!

Our Firstborn

Here are a few pictures of Camden for those who have been asking.

Camden's First Trip to the Lake

A few weeks ago, we took Camden to our family's lake cabin for the first time. It holds a lot of memories for me, so it was fun to share those with him. As you can see in the pictures, he really enjoyed the experience a lot...
While we were there, we took a walk with my sister and her family. We put Cam in the baby bjorn, which he did not like at first. Mat tried to get him to fall asleep by swinging him in it.
It worked.
It is still cold up in Northern Idaho so we wrapped a blanket around him and off we went. The kids stopped to throw rocks and Mat wanted Camden to participate. Here is Camden "participating"...
Overall, it was a fun trip, and I'm glad we went. I'm looking forward to spending the Fourth of July up there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Middle of the Night Feedings

So Camden is still getting up a couple times in the night to eat, and Mat is so sweet to be supportive. Normally, I'll get up to feed him, then if he isn't asleep, I'll give him to Mat and go to bed while Mat rocks him to sleep. Well, last night Camden went right to sleep after I fed him, which he sometimes does, so I got back in bed. As I cuddled up to Mat, I stuck my foot near his, which must have startled Mat out of sleep because he quickly sat up in bed, reached down to our feet and started stroking my foot, and said something like, "Shhh... it's ok, Camden. You're ok..." I just had to smile. He's such a supportive husband. He can even soothe our child in his sleep.

The best part is he has no recollection of any of it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts on Broadway and the LDS Church

There has been a lot of talk about the recent Broadway production about Mormons. I do not pretend to know a lot, nor do I wish to start a fire or a debate. But my mother found an article written by the Head of Public Affairs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I thought was so amazing. It is a good way to explain how most of us probably feel, and why we do or don't react to the recent buzz. Take a look and let me know what you think.

For more information about the LDS church, visit mormon.org

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Lessons in Motherhood

It seems as if everyone has things to tell you about kids and motherhood, yet no one really tells you the important things. Like how come there are so many different kinds of diapers? And does it really matter what kind you use?

So, for your entertainment, the IMPORTANT things that I have learned in my first month of motherhood.

1) Huggies – they really are the best. Unless, of course, your child really is build like a box. Then you really would need a square diaper. For the more ‘curvy’ children, however, I highly suggest huggies. Much better… less poopy messes.

2) Recovery—Don’ t think you are the exception to the rule and pack jeans to wear home from the hospital. I mean, who is going to see you right when you get home anyway? Do you go home to a party with a newborn? Really…

3) Naming your child – We received so many different reactions to the names we liked while I was pregnant. (I honestly thought all of the names we considered were somewhat normal, but apparently some people didn’t.) Some days it was comical, other days it annoyed me that people were so honest. I have decided that no one ever tells you they hate your baby’s name after you actually name it. Isn’t that wonderful? Because, I mean, really, what does that accomplish other than making you hate that person?

4) Putting diapers on boys—point him downward. (have you ever wondered why no one ever really tells you that in their hours of advice? I mean, you could save someone from hours of changing clothes and wet bedding and crying children. Now THAT is good advice!)

5) Although people tell you that “sometimes babies just cry,” it doesn’t make it any easier as a mother and it doesn’t make your mind race any slower wondering if you’ve done something wrong or could do something to fix it. Just get used to it.

6) If you have something to do in the evening and need to look nice, don’t expect to put a shirt on in the morning and wear it that evening, unless of course it comes into fashion to have stains and spit-up on you, in which case, I salute you for your decision.

7) Optimal nursing shirts = ones you don’t have to wear an undershirt with. That’s harder than it sounds. Think about it. J

8) Laughter has become my antidote for any problem.

9) The best thing that has happened to me has been to have my mother and sister close. I love their advice, but what I love the most is, after asking them a question, hearing the words, “That is totally normal.” After hearing that, I just don’t worry.

10) My only piece of advice: don’t listen to advice. You’ll most likely have a different opinion. J

Love equals...

Recently, I have realized that there are a lot of definitions for love. Here are just a few that I’ve come to discover:

Love =

Still loving a child after he pees in your face.

Love =

The look on your husband’s face when, after having to deal with a crying child for 15 minutes, he realizes all that you do all day.

Love =

Doing the “binky dance” at night, just so your child will go back to sleep after spitting it out for the 17th time.

Love =

That moment when you realize what it means that God sacrificed his Only Begotten Son, and how hard that must have been, and that you’d probably never be able to give up your son like that.

Love =

Holding in your laughter when your child spits up on your husband.

Love =

Moving in with your in-laws for two months so that your wife has company after having a baby.

Love =

Watching your grandson for a few minutes while your daughter takes a shower…maybe one of the only things she’ll do for herself that day.

Love =

Staying away from your parents home for a few weeks to protect your new little nephew from illness.

Love =

Calling your sister, a new mother, just to see how SHE is doing, not the baby.

Love =

Flying up for the blessing of your grandchild.

Love =

Thinking of another before yourself.