Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let Freedom Ring...And Let Bikers Wear Helmets

Happy Fourth of July! This is how we spent the holiday...

This morning Mat, his brother, brother-in-law and Dad went for a bike ride. To make a long story short, Mat's front wheel came loose and he flipped over the front of his bike going probably 20-30 miles an hour. But let me take you back a day or two....

Upon leaving Provo on Monday, Mat realized that he had forgotten a bike helmet to go biking with his father.  Upon telling me, I replied, "Do you think it's pretty necessary? Could you ride just this once without it?" Mat replied that he didn't think it a good idea and that he didn't feel like his parent's would approve either (Mat's dad is big into cycling). He called Kimball, his brother, in hopes that he hadn't left yet, but indeed, he was just leaving Provo.  They him-hawed back and forth, and finally Mat insisted that Kimball turn around and grab them both helmets. I must admit, I thought Mat was over-reacting, but Mat's not the type to impose on people, so I let it alone. 

Fast forward to this morning.  Mat woke up sick, (I think he's the 7th sick this week here in Park City, Cam being one of the first), but still wanted to go biking.  They left, and about 10 minutes later, Aubrey received a call saying that Mat had wrecked.  They said he was fine, but we'd need to pick up him and the bike.  I took a car and headed down to get him, not really feeling worried, as they made it seem like the wrecked bike was more of an issue than Mat.  

When I got closer, I realized this was wrong--I'm not sure if it was the Ambulance, the Cops directing traffic or the fact that Mat was lying flat on his back holding his arm that made me realize that I was wrong.  Pick one. It was probably all three. I parked, and approached a bloodied up Mat.He held his left arm, and still had his bike helmet on. The visor was torn off, and there was a crack down the side of the helmet. Mat was conscious, and talking to the policeman and EMT. We finally got him standing and we took him to urgent care. They took a look at him, and after exams and x-rays, diagnosed a broken clavicle (and A LOT of abrasions). The PA said he was lucky--it was the easiest shoulder injury to fix. 6-8 weeks in a sling, possible surgery. but complete recovery.  anything else could have had lasting effects. 
(Mat's broken shoulder--look at the bump on his left shoulder.)

Only after the fact did we fully realize what a miracle it was that Mat was alive. Mat felt incredible inspired to  push his brother to turn around and get helmets. The morning of, Mat's helmet didn't have a clip.  They considered leaving it behind, but at the last minute, tied it on. Kimball had the foresight to ride behind Mat. His helmet literally CRACKED. So many things could have happened had he hit his head. Brain damage. Concussion. TBI. More severe bone or joint injuries. 

  As I sit here typing this post, sitting next to my husband who is perfectly content enjoying a movie and popcorn, I can't help but be grateful for a higher power guiding Mat and I in all we do. Do you believe in miracles? I do. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Sir,

You don't know me, and I don't know your name, but two days ago you gave up your seat on the plane to take a later one so that my husband and I could BOTH get on the plane.  The airline overbooked and somehow one of us got bumped.  Because of you, we were both able to make the flight. I didn't have a chance to say thank you to you in person, but I wish I had.  You'll never know what it meant to us, but I hope that someday you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.