Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More of Moscow

My family was nice enough to take pity on me during the month of September and the boys and I flew out to spend some time with them while Mat was in his surgery rotation.  It was a good thing we did! Mat wasn't home much while we were gone...

We had a blast with the family, as always!  The first afternoon we were there, we went to the fair and Camden went crazy riding all the rides!  He even rode a roller coaster with his cousin Jessa!  I've never seen a smile so big! 

 Of course, we visited the animals while at the fair--I'm not sure Camden had seen so many animals up close before...he was more brave with the birds and rabbits than the huge pigs and horses... 
 Since Parker was so little while we were there, my parents helped out a lot with the kids.  Mom often snuggled with Camden while I nursed Parker.  
 And my dad would often take Parker when Camden needed me. I have to admit, it was fun for me to see my dad play with a little baby and just make him laugh.  Parker LOVED him! 
Grandma and Grandpa were both really good to Camden and made him feel special. Grandpa took Camden on more 4-wheeler rides than I can remember, and grandma made cake pops and other fun treats and read books with him.  He felt so loved and for me, as a mom, it was so priceless.  
 Cam's cousins were really good to make him feel special, too.  Everyone oohed and aahed over baby Parker, but they took extra time to play with Camden.  The twins had Camden laughing every time they were with him, and Tyler was fantastic to always keep an eye out to make sure that Camden was never alone, and would often of his own free will sacrifice his own time to make sure that Camden was happy.  
 Jaxon even got in on the action and played with Camden a lot.  On this occasion below, I heard Camden telling Jaxon to "stay dayre" as he ran around him in circles on the trampoline.  
 The girls were all great to Camden too.  Emma and Meg held Parker for me all the time to save my arms and Jessa was awesome with Camden. She would help me not only to put Cam down for naps, but to get him things, to make sure he was behaving, etc.  She was such a fantastic influence on Cam! 
 Even the adults got in on the action and helped me so much.  Hopefully they had a little fun too...
It was so nice to be with family, not only for the help, but just to be with them. I love my family so much and wish we were closer to them.  It's always so fun to spend long periods of time with them. I already can't wait until March to see them!