Monday, January 27, 2014

What's Your Thing?

We all have our things. You know, that thing that you are willing to spend more on because the quality means more to you than the money.  Mat and I get a kick out of knowing what other people can't do without.  We have a friend (male, mind you) who refuses to buy cheap toilet paper.  He just won't do it. (And between you and me, going to the bathroom at their house really is a luxurious experience...) We tease him, but it made Mat and I think, "What's our thing?" Well, I have yet to discover Mat's, but I just recently discovered mine. Kleenex. Not "facial tissue," but Kleenex brand Kleenexes. We've gone through more than 2 big boxes of Kleenex in the last week, and no one is raw. Bless you Kleenex man, wherever you are.

So.... What's your thing?