Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ragged Edge Quilt

I took on a new project without a pattern and it turned out great. Check out the ragged edge baby quilt I made for a friend:

Here's all I did:

1) Cut squares out of two or more different flannels (looser weaves work better)

2) Arrange them on floor for pattern

3) Pin Columns together in one long strip, with print outward, then sew together with 1/2 inch seams.
4) Iron seams open

5) Pin two columns together with seams outward and sew with 1/2 inch seam. Continue until all are sewn together.
6) Pin and sew back of quilt to front, with seams outward.

7) With small pair of scissors, clip outward seams (they should all be facing upward to the top of the quilt) clip edges about every 1/2 inch.
8) Wash and Dry a couple times, and viola!
Cool, huh?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Captions Worth a Thousand Words

"Hey guys? This is fun and all, but will someone get me down? Guys? Guys? Hello...?"

"Wow, it sure was easier to get up here than it will be to get down...huge oversight on my part."

"I have an itch on my nose; Can someone get it?"

"...8, 9, and 10. Whew! That's one set."

The possibilities are endless...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curtains, Canvases and Chandeliers

Mat and I have been on this DIY rampage to try and spruce up our townhome (ok, more I am, but Mat likes to participate... so he says...) and here are a few new additions to our home:

My mother made Camden some blackout curtains for Christmas. They are fabulous! Before them, we had cheap curtains and about 4 blankets hanging over his gigantic window (I wish I had a picture of it--it was comical...) but these curtains are fantastic and so beautiful! Take a look:
We had to add our own DIY to make it just slightly darker in the morning. He gets a brilliant sun in the mornings in his room, so we bought a 7$ tension rod and hung a blanket inside and... viola!
Mat and I love artwork in our home but can't afford it right now, so we made our own. we made one with Camden's feet on it, and another set with some painters tape. I think the geometric ones cost a total of like 7$ to make. Have a go at it! It was really fun!
And last, but not least, my Christmas gift from Mat. I love my husband. SOOOO much. Isn't this beautiful?
Stay tuned for pictures of the projects we are currently working on.

Playing with your food

My nephew sent this video to me today. It brings new meaning to the phrase, "playing with your food." I might actually let my children play with their vegetables if they did this.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Mat and I were on our own for part of Christmas, so we decided to start some traditions of our own. I decided to carry on one of my mothers traditions and make ornaments for the tree each year. They were basic and about my skill level, but I had a fun time doing them. Only 11 more months until I get to do it again! I wonder what I'll make...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mommy Wow... I'm a big kid now!

Take a look at our little one's progress...


Merry Christmas! A little late... Our Christmas holiday was pretty amazing. It went way too fast. We spent 5 days in Orem, then went up to Park City with Mat's family for a get-a-way vacation. We had a blast. Here are a few highlights:

The day we left for Utah, Mat and Cam and I had our own little Christmas here in Lexington and opened the gifts from our family. Camden wasn't quite sure what to think of the gift until the wrapping paper was off. Then he played in it.
He really did love his toys however. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Richards and Grandma and Grandpa Taylor for the toys for Christmas. He loves them a lot! (and thus, so does mommy. :) Happy baby = happy mommy)

When we first arrived, Cam's cousins couldn't seem to get enough of him and Mat. Mat told them made-up stories about "Super Cam" and "Super Kel" until they were blue in the face from laughter.
At the family party, Mat, his brother Kimball and sister-in-law Aubrey prepared a little Christmas diddy for the family and rapped for us all. Take a look:

Mat and I saw some of our good friends while we were there.
We went swimming as a family. It was fun to see Mat enjoying his family. We both love them so much and it was so great to see everyone!
Camden enjoyed watching the hubbub of Christmas, but again, enjoyed the wrappings a little more than the toys.
After Christmas we went up to Park City, where we partied a little more. One of our first adventures was sledding. We bundled Camden in more layers than I care to count and he looked a lot like Ralphie's little brother off A Christmas Story. He seemed to enjoy it though.
That is, until he fell asleep. No really.
We also went to a Children's Science Museum where we...
Rode horses...
and Swans...
and Anvils...
and Played with insane amounts of toys.

We had a great time the rest of the week eating out, going to movies, challenging each other to "Just Dance" competitions, and playing games. It was a great vacation. Thanks, Mom and Dad Taylor for bringing us out for the holidays!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Noise Levels and Neighbors

When we got home from Christmas vacation, Camden wasn't feeling well. Consequently he had a difficult time readjusting to his crib. He screamed a scream I'd never heard before. Mat and I wanted to teach him to learn so we went back and forth between letting him scream, and visiting him in his room and talking to him. During one of these bouts of screaming when we happened to already be in Camden's room, we heard this obnoxious loud pounding right on the other side of the wall where Camden's crib is. It was loud, prominent, and if i could label it this way, rude. It was as if the sound was intended to tell us something. Mat and I looked at each other like, "What should we do?" Eventually Camden fell asleep, but I laid awake that night trying to figure out what to do. I didn't want to be rude to our neighbors by letting him scream, but Camden needed to learn to get himself back to sleep at night. I felt so bad for our neighbors and decided the next day to do something to say thanks for their patience.

I apparently gave them too much credit. Over the next few nights, Mat and I were unpleasantly surprised to hear a vacuum running at 10:30 at night. Then moving furniture at a similar hour. Thudding footsteps. Pounding. I was honestly worried that the tumultuous noises would wake Camden. I have a hard time believing that they did it accidentally. I'm doing my best to be a good person and not say anything though.

What would you do if you were me? Would you say something? Would you ignore it? I got to thinking that maybe we are louder than we think (besides Camden's crying), and I need to be more considerate. At least that's what I've been telling myself so I don't get mad...