Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

January in a Nutshell

January came and went for us and was filled with lots of sickness but lots of fun.  Cam and I took turns being sick (with Camden even getting RSV just this last week), but I tried to find some fun new things to do at home to keep us busy. (More on our adventures in a different post). Here are a few of the things that have happened since Christmas:

Camden has grown a ton so for Christmas he got some new Sunday clothes. Thanks Grandma! (We couldn't get him to stand for this picture for some reason.)
 Camden has learned his ABC's this month and loves to point them out to us at any moment possible.  Here he's pointing some out to me on the front of his cereal box. 
 One sick day, I let Cam pick out his clothes for the day.  He came to me with this: 
 January was freezing for most of it, but had a couple 60 degree days when we went to the park. Cam was in heaven. 
Playing at the mall 
Cam and I have watched a lot of movies during our sicknesses.  One day Cam decided that he needed to watch a movie during lunch so he dragged his high chair into the living room, and placed it in front of the TV. Smart child... 
One of the many occasions Cam decided to "help" daddy fix something...
Watching TV with Daddy...
vs. watching TV with Mommy.
Racing Daddy down the slide (I think Mat may have gotten stuck on this one...)
Showing Daddy how it's really done. 
January flew by and it seems February is doing the same! It's been fun to watch Camden start to communicate with us too. Hope you are enjoying your winter as much as we are ours!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Thanks-Christmas!

Has it really been since Halloween? I'm ashamed... well, at least it was for good reason.  The last few months have been a blur... I honestly haven't remember a lot of it, because I've been so sick. Yes, this is an announcement.

 We'll be adding #2 to our family in July. 

 With Cam, I only got nauseous here and there and could appease it with food. But this pregnancy I was laid up for a couple of months.  I got the flu somewhere in there for about a week, ended up in urgent care, then got a cold for another week a few weeks later.  Suffice it to say I don't remember as much of the holidays as I wish I could.  But family was great to take care of me both at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. 

We were able to visit the Taylor family for Thanksgiving and all went to Snowbird (Draper) to stay together for a few days.  Truth be told, the Taylor's didn't know I was pregnant at the time, and I wasn't about to tell them yet, so I skiied, stayed clear of helping cook meals, and tried to act normal.  Bless their hearts--I'm sure they thought me an ungrateful guest and oh so NOT helpful!  (The things I do for my pride). But we had a blast.  It was fun for Camden to get to know his cousins better. 

Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of what we did over break. (I blame it on sickness, although I don't really deserve to... the only reason I have pics of Christmas is because I stole them from my mother.) We went shopping, ate great food, relaxed, played, skiied and enjoyed each other's company.  It was awesome.  

We took Camden skiing one day and he wasn't quite sure he liked it.  Well, I should say he HATED getting bundled up and being stuck in the Kelti like a marshmallow.  Once we got up on the mountain though and we started going down, HE LOVED IT!  Mat told me later that he was yelling, "Weeeeee.....!" the whole time as they came down the mountain. Super cute.  
Lynda also did some fun games with the kids, one of which included fishing over the top of a sheet and they got prizes attached to the pole.  Cam loved it.  
 All in all it was a perfect vacation.  We had so much fun and can't wait to see them again.  

We went to Moscow for Christmas and finally told the families that I was pregnant--and thank heavens--so my Mom and Dad took care of Cam and Mat while I laid on the couch for the majority of the vacation.  Bless them.  

While in Moscow we played in the snow,
Went to see Locomotor Park in Lewiston,
Made cookies with Grandma, 
Ate Cheeze-its, Ice cream and frosting at all times of the day,
and had some special visitors!
Brandon and Michelle surprised us all by showing up a couple days before Christmas! Brandon had been told that he had to work over Christmas, but his colleagues took mercy on him at the end and gave him 2 days off, so he surprised us all.  My mom was in tears--all of her children together again. Every, single, member of the family--all 27 of us. 

My Aunt Tami even showed up for the festivities.  Camden took to her so quickly it was almost comical.  He would saddle up on her lap and bring her things for them to play with--pretty cute. 
We went swimming, 
Shoveled the walks, 
opened presents and gave them,
and had a blast. Thank you to both families for a fantastic winter!  We miss you already!