Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Our Halloween was great. :) We feel lucky that we have an 18 month old and for one more year, we don't have to trick or treat. (Is that bad of us? We end up eating the candy anyway...and by the end, we stop enjoying it)  We did, however, all dress up for our church trunk or treat!  We had fun doing so.  Camden was Clark Kent....
I was Lois Lane...

And Mat was Jimmy Olsen (Lois' photographer)
Camden couldn't quite figure out the whole "save the candy for later" concept, so he resorted to trying to eat through the wrappers...we finally gave in and gave him a dum-dum.. I mean, come on... look at this face.... could you turn him down?

Hope you guys had a fun holiday too!