Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Growing Up

I'm guessing that as a parent, you always have those moments when you realize that your child has grown up.  Recently, I feel like I blinked, and Camden went from baby to boy.  Here are a few of the new things he's learned to do: 

Camden knows his alphabet. He points letters out to us daily, almost hourly, wherever he sees them.  The other day he kept saying "X", and pointing at the back of the seat in Mat's car.  It took me about 5 minutes to realize that one of the warning labels on the back of the seat had a picture with a big "X" through it. The cereal box in the morning is another frequent "I spy" place for us. 

We used to cut up all of Camden's food, and he often ate slightly different from us (it's hard to feed your child spinach salad with berries and nuts in it--not exactly child friendly). But recently, he HAS to have whatever we eat.  Exhibit A: 

(I wish I could tell you that Mat has never done this...)

Camden often sings along to the songs that we frequent.  The other day I caught him singing the words to one of the songs from Tangled, and he loves to shout "DO" and "OBEY" when we sing Nephi's Courage.  If only he actually obeyed... 
Camden often feels the need to fix things even when they aren't broken. Fortunately, he has his own tools, but every once in a while Daddy loans his out. 
Camden hardly ever stops talking.  He's started putting sentences together, and it never ceases to make me laugh the order in which words come out. The other day, Mat and I both had a rude wake up call when one of us said, "Crap!" and Camden exclaimed it back at us.  Ooops!  

 Camden follows me around and likes to do whatever I am doing.  We dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries the other day and Cam couldn't get enough of it! 
We're having a blast with our little almost-two-year old and look forward to watching him grow even more!