Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation Part 3: Richards Reunion 2012

We went straight from the Taylor family vacation to the Richards Reunion, in Seattle, WA. We actually spent the week on Orcas Island, but we had to get there first.  Mom and Dad picked Buddy and I and families up at the airport and we met up with the rest of the family at the docks, where we spent 3 hours because my family often over-plans... we had a lot of fun playing in the rocks and sand and having fun together (and all got a little sun, but sadly I have few pictures of that.) Mom kept the kids busy with the phones and Ipad. 
Teagan's not quite sure she likes Cam yet at this point.

We then rode a gynormous ferry (which one of my nieces thought might be tinkerbell) across to Orcas Island to our Bungalows. Camden took quickly to Cousin Emma and Grandma.  

  The whole week was filled with activities from playing in the water, hiking, whale watching, golf, bubbles, movies, catching up, good food and more.  It was an absolute blast.  Here are a few of the highlights: 
Showers almost every night from sand. I think this particular night we had to grind the sand out of his hair because he had dumped it in his helmet. 
 Don't judge me--Cam and T watched a lot of movies like this.
 Brothers "Bonding"
 Teagan introducing Cam to the wonder that is gogurt. 
 "I approve, Teagan. Can I try yours?"
 This is how we fed them dinner most nights. 
 But sometimes they ended up like this. 
 Most nights we all just sat around and laughed and talked. On this particular night, Annie was discovered with a Reeses. No one, I mean, no one, hides reeses from Mom. 
 Playing with Meg. 
We went hiking one day on what was supposed to be a "gentle hike". We carried the three youngest kids. It was not so gentle. 'Nuf said. 
Camden didn't seem to mind. He fell right asleep. 
 It really was beautiful.  
 Shawn carried Cam down the last steep embankment. I was a little nervous to do so. 
 Cam, enjoying a "really-high-make-you-nervous-cliff"
How the kids spent most mornings--throwing rocks and getting their jammies wet.
 Then they spent part of the morning like this--
or this...
 Teagan finally decided she liked Cam.
 (Random, but I just wanted to document Mat's bruising--this wasn't the half of it)
 More playing in the sand. 
 The bubbles were probably one of Camden's favorite activities. Almost daily, we went back behind the cabins to this grassy area and just let them go crazy.  Here are a few of the best moments: 

Whale watching was really fun. I don't think the little kids enjoyed it quite as much, but the adults sure did. 

   The best I got, picture-wise.
 And this is about how we felt at the end of every day. 
 Somehow Mom and Dad still had energy at the end of the day... Hmmmm....
 My little monkey
 Unfortunately, this is about the best pic I have of the cabins. 
 The vacation was a blast.  To finish it all off, Mom and Dad lovingly took Buddy and I and families to the Seattle Zoo. The kids LOVED it. Take a look: 


 Did you know taper's are vegetarians?!!! I feel a kindredness with them. 
  By the time we got home, we were exhausted. But it was an amazing couple of weeks!  Thanks for the memories family!