Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Polar Vortex Madness

So when we left for Christmas, it was 63 degrees outside.  When we got back... well, not so much.  It has been two months, and with all of the sickness we've had and the frigid ice storms coming through the east, Camden and Parker and I have been trapped inside for far, far, far, far, far too long.  We've gotten bored more than I care to admit.  But we resorted to crafting and games.  Here are a few of the things that we've done to pass the cold and time: 
We made all sorts of duplo creations, 
 played the piano,
and made granola (and ate it!)!
 We made monster feet out of kleenex boxes (pretty sure we've gone through 5 boxes of kleenex in the last two months) and played Camden-Monster and Parker-Monster. 
 Some friends gifted us a huge set of toys they were getting rid of and we've played with them non-stop. (Thank you!)
 On Valentine's Day we made pink pancakes, 
 Then cut them into hearts for daddy. 
 we dyed snow different colors, 
 and froze creatures in a bundt pan full of water, then melted the with water and salt to get them out. 
 This one was a winner. :) 
 We played balloon volleyball, 
 and did projects with daddy. 
 (Isn't he cute?)
 We made cake-pops, 
 towers as tall as Cam
 and ball tracks on the wall. 
 And my own personal favorite, we mopped the floor.  Actually, Camden mopped it.  He refused to let me help. :) And he actually did quite a good job.  
Hopefully we are close to done with this Polar Vortex.  I'm tired of the cold!  But we've had some fun despite it. 

Christmas in... March...

We got to spend Christmas with the Taylor side of the family and had a great time!  
We started our festivities with decorations, 
 window clings, (notice the nice weather outside--60 degrees in December in KY)
 and holiday baking. 
 Camden had a lot of fun with cousins this trip--they were all so nice!
 and bonding with Papa. :) 
 It was fun to watch parker tear wrapping paper. :) 
 We went carouseling :) 
 (not sure if Parker was happy or sad at this point... :) 
 more cousin sandwiches. :) 
 Lots of ice cream was had. by all. :) 
 And more bonding with Papa. 
 We went to a bounce house and the kids had a blast, 
 but even better than that, Mat took Camden skiing! And he loved it! 
 So glad we get to see family so soon again!